Megazone 23 – Himitsu Kudasai by Miyasato Kumi

June 22, 2007

Hearken ye younglings and gather round to listen to that most ancient of OVAs, the basis of many anime today – Megazone 23 and listen unto that most sacred and popular of songs by Miyasato Kumi – Himitsu Kudasai.

A rare music video of Miyasato Kumi singing Himitsu Kudasai live. This is the editor’s cut – there are definite differences in pitch, timing and minor rearrangement of lyrics.

Himitsu Kudasai as seen in Megazone 23 Part II with commensurate mass mayhem and senseless destruction as well as property damage.


200 Pounds Beauty starring Kim A-Joong

June 12, 2007

Brethren, we interrupt our regular fare of mass mayhem with a news flash of immense (pardon the pun) proportions. While it’s only finally hit the local scene now, the movie 200 Pounds Beauty has played to rave reviews in its native Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong to name but a few countries. While I’m normally one to say a movie isn’t a movie without liberal lashings of heavy bolter fire and a body count in the quadruple digits, this particular movie has managed to entertain and tug at the cardio-pulmonary strings in a rather touching manner. Kim A-Joong plays the part of one ghost singer Hanna who makes do as the voice behind a good looking but absolute arse of a singer who can’t screech a note to save her life called Ammy. Kim’s acting is as good as her singing and you really can’t help falling for the plight of horizontally disadvantaged Hanna who has the voice of an angel and the body (Kim in a fat suit) of an Emperor class titan. Subjected to constant humiliation, she finally goes into hiding and ends up seeking the help of a plastic surgeon and she goes for the works – high definition lipoplasty, mandibular jaw reduction, septoplasty, silicone implants, a gastrocnemius muscle reduction, brachioplasty – basically everything in the inventory and she appears after a year as Jenny, super slim, super gorgeous and able to sing just like the missing Hanna . If not for anything else, you’ve got to see Kim’s rendition of the old single Maria in the movie. The way she hits the high notes and sustains it without a hitch is amazing. If you get the chance – get the soundtrack. I’m not one for K-Pop but three tracks are worth every credit – the aforementioned Maria sung by Kim, the wistful tune Byul (Star in Hangul) and the cheery Beautiful Girl. It is by order of the Commissariat that you go forth and watch this movie and then obtain the Soundtrack with all due haste!

In case you still have doubts as to the the sanity of the author in recommending what is essentially a romantic comedy in a site devoted to combat tactics for Imperial Guard officers, here’s the following Youtube link for Kim’s single Maria to convince you otherwise! There also additional interesting bits of footage found of Kim of her receiving her well deserved Best Actress award at the 44th Daejong Awards in Korea as well as a somewhat aurally hazardous comparison of her version of Maria as well as one by a Korean singer named Ivy.

The original music video for Kim A-Joong’s cover of Maria by Blondie

A comparison between Kim A-Joong’s version of Maria with another sung live by Ivy at the 44th Daejong awards. Bring your earmuffs along – Ivy screeches the song out like a banshee.

A behind the scenes view of Kim practising “Beautiful Girl”. By the God-Emperor…-_-;

A hilarious cutscene of her newfound beauty when she manages to end up in a fender bender and yet manages to charm everyone.

Kim A-Joong practising for the performance of Maria