Desperate Charge

Celes leaned back against the wall as she fished out a flashbang grenade. She gave a motion to her squadmate to arm a fragmentation round and arm it for impact detonation. She thumbed the arming switch, prompting the little explosive device to emit a soft red glow. Her companion did the same. With practised timing, both tossed the grenades down the corridor and then simulteneously reached for their reg blades. Suddenly, there was a crescendo of white light, deafening noise and sleeting razor sharp fragments of durasteel zinging down the corridor.

Unholy shrieks sounded as the demonic abominations were blinded, wounded and deafened from the dual explosive combination. Celes gave a fearsome shout, “FOR TAAANNN!!!!!” and skidded out from the corner with Archer blazing and reg blade hissing with burning heat. Right behind her echoing her battlecry were her squadmates as they went hand to claw with the enemy.

In seconds, the Celes’ Hunter-Killer team were within melee distance to the enemy. In what seemed like an eternity, they fought hand to claw with a ferocity, anger and desperation unheard of. Everything was on the line now. The future of the Families. The future of humanity, and in that they would live by their code – Victoria aut Mortis – “Victory or Death”.

Her squad tore six of the abominations apart with piercing shrieks of screeching agony as they lopped off appendages and thoraxes even as they dodged and parried a fearsomely fast barrage of chitin coated claws that stabbed and slashed like fearsome Praying Mantis’ claws.


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