The Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard gruntsThe Hammer of the Emperor. The Emperor’s Divine Fist. Also known as the Flashlight Brigade on account of their puny lasguns, the Imperial Guard in version 1.51 is still, for lack of a better word, horribly undergunned.

Despite adding an additional man to the average Guardsman squad and slightly juicing up their hitpoints, they are expected to go head on against other races Tier 0 units and accomplish miracles. With the morale of girly men unless you have an expensive Commissar in charge, the squad is expected to go up against the likes of, well…everything else including Tactical Marines or Chaos Space Marines and worse since their replacements – the Kasrkin – only drop by in Tier 3.

The odds of surviving Dark Reaper squads dancing around you plinking away, massed Raptor packs or even Scouts with Sniper Rifles in Tier 1 are minimal at best. Not only do they outclass the average Guardsman unit in quality, they succeed on a cost basis as well. To even marginally offer resistance barring as some form of meatshield, the average Guardsman squad needs either the Command Squad disrupting enemy units or a Commissar backing them up. Without either of these, a squad will fold in a matter of seconds to massed fire.


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